Chrysler 300 | Four Benefits of AWD

Chrysler 300 AWD

While the competition may have gone into hibernation for the winter, the Chrysler 300 comes out to play. With the most advanced* available all-wheel drive (AWD) system in its class, the 300 can take on the road with unwavering determination.

Reap the following benefits of an AWD package+, and enjoy added peace of mind on the road this winter.

Traction Control

The brains of the operation are the Active Transfer Case and our Front Axle Disconnect, which help maximize traction when needed. This inventive system constantly monitors wheel slip to help optimize vehicle traction in nearly all conditions. It does this by strategically applying the brake to a slipping wheel and transferring torque to the opposite wheel.


Under normal conditions, the front axle is disengaged transferring all torque to the rear wheels. When the AWD system senses slippery driving conditions, it automatically switches from RWD, engaging the front axle to give you added cornering stability.


The AWD system enhances the driving experience with exceptional handling that helps keeps you in control.

Since more power can be transferred to the road in a shorter amount of time, the Chrysler 300 with AWD can accelerate faster – providing you with enhanced performance year-round.


When you choose the AWD system, you can count on a seamless shift from RWD to AWD and back to RWD. The system’s ability to automatically engage and disengage helps the vehicle achieve best-in-class combined fuel economy^ for an AWD full-size sedan.

AWD is a must-have for any driver who chooses to embrace winter rather than surrender to it. Personalize your Chrysler 300 to include all of the essentials on your list on the interactive Build and Price feature on the Chrysler brand website.


*Based on the latest available competitive information and the Chrsler Group LLC Upper Large Car Segmentation.
+All-wheel drive is available on most 2014 Chrysler 300 models.
^Based on the latest available competitive information and the Chrysler Group LLC Upper Large Car Segmentation. When equipped with AWD, 3.6L engine and 8-speed transmission. Based on EPA estimated 18 mpg city and 27 mpg hwy.


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