Real People, Real Stories | 1966 Chrysler 300


The Real People, Real Stories series returns this week with a great story from across the Atlantic Ocean, where Tuire T. has given new life to a classic Chrysler vehicle.

This 1966 Chrysler 300, located now in Finland and registered as a museum vehicle, has a great story behind it. In 1966, a gentleman bought the car and then, in the 1990s, he left it as an inheritance for his granddaughter. The granddaughter had to sell it, and in 2007 the car came to Finland, where no one cared for it at first — it sat in the garage for a year.

Then, we found an advertisement for the car and bought it. There were many receipts and other papers in the car, and after digging through them, we found that the granddaughter of the original owner was in Oregon. When we contacted her, she was surprised and so happy to see that we’ve been taking care of that very precious vehicle.

The car has been painted, and the motor has been disassembled, rebuilt and painted, and all the other little things have been repaired. We are so happy to have this treasure! We will take good care of it as it now has a special place in our hearts.


Thank you for sharing your story, Tuire. To the rest of our Forward Look readers, please visit to learn more about the current Chrysler vehicle lineup. To share your own Chrysler story, please click here.

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