Design to Drive Winner: Six Months Later

Craig Porritt

The last time we saw Craig Porritt in person, we were delivering a brand-new vehicle to his Arizona home. Forward Look readers will remember that Craig, a father of six, beat out the competition in our Design to Drive contest to win a Chrysler Town & Country and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to have it customized by West Coast Customs.

We checked in with Craig recently to see how he and his family were faring with their new vehicle six months after delivery. The short answer is they’re enjoying their Town and Country a great deal. For the full story, please see below.

After spending the last six or so months with your Chrysler Town & Country, what are your general impressions of the vehicle?

Honestly, we’re just blown away by our Chrysler Town & Country Limited in almost every way imaginable. We are still in shock that we got this thing in the first place, but we’re also just super impressed with the overall craftsmanship and attention to detail put into this vehicle. When driving it down the road, it honestly doesn’t feel like we are driving a minivan. The van is smooth, powerful and extremely comfortable. Chrysler has definitely made a lifelong customer out of us; this won’t be our last Chrysler vehicle we will own.

2014 Chrsyler Town and Country Limited craig porritt 1

The Porritt family’s Chrysler Town & Country, customized by West Coast Customs

What’s an average day like for you and your minivan? Are you constantly carting kids to and from school, extracurricular events and so on? Has this vehicle helped to make life easier?

My wife drives the van more than I do. She’s got the task of taking the kids to and from school every day and getting them to their other after-school activities. The vehicle gets used every day; it’s always moving around town somewhere, and it definitely makes our life easier.

Is there a particular feature you find especially useful now that wasn’t on your radar before you took possession of your minivan? In other words, is there anything that surprised you about the Chrysler Town & Country?

I love the fact that everything is automatic or powered. You can operate almost every function of the van without ever leaving the driver’s seat. My kids have quickly given our van a new name—they call it the “Tattletale Van” because it tells on you whenever you do something wrong, like forgetting to buckle your seat belt. It even lets you know when there’s a car next to you while driving on the road, and it lets you know if there is a car coming up behind you that you can’t see in a parking lot. It will beep at you whenever the power doors are in use and will even flash its blinkers. My kids have noticed that there is a chime or ding sound for everything, but little do they know that these things can be easily turned off using the front display with just a few touches of a button on the steering wheel. I leave them on because I like to hear them giggle every time they hear a new noise.

2014 Chrsyler Town and Country Limited craig porritt 3

What do your friends and neighbors think of your customized Town & Country? Do the customizations by West Coast Customs bring attention from onlookers when you’re out running errands?

Our friends and family keep reminding us of how lucky we are to have had something like this happen to us. The whole experience has truly been a blessing and a life-changing experience for our family. Never would I have imagined I would win anything, let alone something pimped out by the world-famous West Coast Customs and provided by a company as reputable as Chrysler.

I recall sitting with friends and family in front of the television watching West Coast Customs on cable and discussing how cool it would be if we could afford to have them build a car for us. So for this to happen to us has really been an experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives. As a matter of fact, I got a tattoo while at SEMA to help me remember the whole experience.

Has your Town & Country proved to be the right vehicle for a family the size of yours?

Yes it has. This vehicle has been absolutely perfect for our family. It fits everyone comfortably and gives our kids many different options of fun things to do when on long drives. They love being able to choose between watching movies, playing video games and listening to music on a wide array of electronic devices that the van accommodates.

How would you convince a friend or neighbor to purchase a Chrysler Town & Country? What is the best argument for owning this vehicle?

The proof is in the pudding so to speak. Everyone who’s seen our van for themselves can attest to how well made and stylish it is. In other words, Chrysler has done the hard work; all we have to do is show it off, and people will come to their own conclusions.

I’ve already had several offers on the van from our local Chrysler dealership and several other random Chrysler enthusiasts, but my wife and I have no plans on getting rid of it any time soon.

2014 Chrsyler Town and Country Limited craig porritt 2

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One Response to “Design to Drive Winner: Six Months Later”

  1. This is a well done interview with the Porritt family. It shows that minivans aren’t bad and that we do not have to be embarrassed driving one. Chrysler has definitely led the way with the T&C for 31 years and yet other minivan manufacture’s are trying to make them look horrible. I thank Chrysler for crating a minivan that is safe, fun, smooth, powerful, and big. Our family owns a 2013 T&C Touring and it is awesome. We look forward to upgrading to a higher model hopefully, but this touring that we have has made a good difference in our life. Stow N Go is just the best storage system ever, power sliding doors standard and tailgate. Leather seats, sunroof, safety Tec, etc. Most people choose SUV’S because they think they look better in them, but look at what they’re missing out on. Chrysler is the best minivan manufacturer, loyal, trustworthy, and I love you all Chrysler. Continue to lead the way.


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