The Woodward Dream Cruise is a great American tradition. It’s when we have the most fun with our cars, and it’s made especially exciting when in the company of legendary, groundbreaking automobiles. Such was the case last weekend when Chrysler took a drive down memory lane along Detroit’s Woodward Avenue for an annual showcase of classic automobiles and hot rods.

In celebration of 90 years of Chrysler, we brought a 1925 Chrysler B70 Sedan to show off to classic-car enthusiasts at the event. Designed by Fred M. Zeder, Owen R. Skelton and Carl Breer, the 1925 Chrysler B70 Sedan is the car that started it all. Boasting a high-compression inline L-head six-cylinder engine, three-speed manual transmission and Lockheed four-wheel hydraulic brakes, the 1925 Chrysler B70 was truly ahead of its time, and its advanced features set a precedent for innovation that continues nearly a century later.

1925 Chrysler B70

This year saw another milestone in classic Chrysler vehicles — the 60th anniversary of the Chrysler 300. To mark the occasion, we revved the engine on what many consider America’s first muscle car, the 1955 Chrysler 300 — nicknamed the “Banker’s Hot Rod.” The first in a long line of legendary Chrysler 300 “letter cars,” Virgil Exner’s high-performing vehicle was a revolution in Forward Look style and power. The 1955 Chrysler 300 featured a lithe-looking two-door hardtop body with minimal chrome trim and twin grilles, a 300-horsepower overhead-valve “Firepower” HEMI® V8 engine and PowerFlite two-speed automatic transmission.

1955 Chrysler 300

For Chrysler enthusiasts and drivers along the Motor City’s iconic Woodward Avenue, we brought more than just classic cars to the roadways. We offered a display of 2015 models, including the Chrysler 200 AWD in Lunar White, the 2015 Chrysler 300C Platinum in Phantom Black, the 2015 300S in Billet Silver and the Chrysler 300S in Redline. All the current-model-year Chrysler vehicles featured a black interior — call it an homage to the M-1 asphalt.

Fans of the Chrysler brand had plenty to show off themselves, giving us a look at their own classic Chrysler vehicles and the personalized modifications they’ve added to our current lineup of Chrysler vehicles. Take a look at the cars on display around Detroit last weekend, and enjoy the cruise through history.


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