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By: Jamie of Hands on As We Grow

Chrysler is very excited about the all-new Pacifica and provided me with information about the vehicle; I want to share with you how the Pacifica may fit in with your lifestyle.Growing up, my family would go on two-week vacations every summer. We always drove (I never flew in an airplane until my honeymoon to Hawaii). And it seemed we were always on the road, staying at a campground one night and then driving 6 to 8 hours the next day to our next destination.road-trip-scavenger-hunt-bingo-20160505-6167

I remember vividly setting up “my” spot in our vehicle before heading out on vacation. I’m super excited about our sponsor, the All-New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica! I would have had a heyday with setting up “my” spot. With STOW ‘N GO® Seating and Storage system and all the different ways to configure the seats, it would have been so awesome!

Playing games in the car became a thing we did. I remember playing games such as GHOST and I Spy all the time.But a favorite game that the whole family did together was play road trip bingo. We had these trays with a grid inside them that held blocks. The blocks had a picture on each side that was something to search for. And then one side had an X on it. And you got a bingo when you got either a row of Xs or a full blackout.

There were several ways to play this road trip bingo game, depending on how long our road trip was that day. Sometimes we would find just one side of the block and move it directly to the X. Other times, we would have to go through all five sides before moving it to the X (this was usually a game for the entire vacation on not just a day).

We still have these road trip bingo games, but I wanted to create a printable version without all the “pieces” because my kids are still young enough that we’d be finding the blocks and not actually finding objects on the blocks.

I also wanted to create this road trip bingo game in a way that all my kids could play it: a three-year-old, five-year-old and eight-year-old. And even so I could play and still enjoy it!

If you have younger kids and want to set your road trip up for success, I highly recommend you plan ahead and make some of these busy bags for road trips and stash them into the Chrysler Pacifica’s STOW ‘N GO® Seating and Storage system below the seats.

I created two different road trip bingo cards to print out and stick in a folder for our road trips (There’s also Road Trip Bingo built into the Uconnect Theater).

Different ways to play Bingo on a road trip:

1. Find one Bingo on your card (across, up and down, or diagonal).
2. Find X number of Bingos on your card (find 2 Bingos, or 3…).
3. Find all objects on the Bingo card, to get a blackout.
4. Set a time limit and see who gets the most in that time. The time could be your destination or shorter spurts to hold their attention.
5. Play with both cards at the same time, in any of the ways above.
6. Younger kids will find Bingo card #1 objects easier to find. Bingo card #2 objects are a little harder for older kids.
7. For younger kids, cut just one strip of the Bingo card to find (this makes it easier to focus on just a few objects instead of an entire board).
8. For adults, find exactly what’s on the photo of the Bingo card (e.g., if it’s a van, find the correct colored van. If it’s glasses, find the glasses on a woman. Be very particular).

We went on a little trip just around town to test out the Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Bingo cards. I suggest bringing a tray, or clipboard, along for a hard surface to write on.

I’m so excited for upcoming vacations and even day trips! Best part is that this Bingo is DIY and FREE!

This will definitely occupy all the kids, and give me a great way to connect with them while my husband drives.

I wouldn’t need to worry about being a side-seat driver because of all the safety features the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica offers, including available features such as the Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist, as well as Blindspot and Forward Collision (genius is right around the corner). Disclaimer: Electronic driver assistance features are not substitutes for active driver involvement, always be aware of your surroundings when operating a motor vehicle. It ALSO features blind spot monitoring and forward collision warning!

And did you know that the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica also has:

  • Handsfree sliding door and liftgate
  • Uconnect® Theater with dual 10-inch HD touchscreens in the second row
  • 8.4-inch touchscreen in the front with 3D navigation and 5-year trial of SiriusXM Travel Link and Traffic
  • Available Stow ‘n Vac
  • Available Stow ‘n Go® with Stow ‘n Go® Assist
  • Available Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist

Road trips will never be easier, especially with the Stow ‘n Vac powered by RIDGID to clean up when vacation is over with (I’m pretty sure the kids will just take over).

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