Chrysler Guest Blogger: Allison

By: Allison of All For the Boys

Chrysler is very excited about the all-new Pacifica and provided me with information about the vehicle; I want to share with you how the Pacifica may fit in with your lifestyle.

I see a lot of articles and posts about how to keep kids busy in the car. If you spend a lot of time in the car or have been on a long road trip you know why! I actually have always loved car time with my kids and I love it even more so now that they are entering their teen years. We’re always particular about our cars because we spend SO much time in them. The All-New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has all kinds of awesome features that make connecting with kids and teens that much easier. I’m SO ready for a test drive.


Car time is my favorite time for several reasons, but mostly because we are in the same place, at the same time, all together. If you are a mom of older kids/teens you know how special that is! Everyone has busy lives so being in the same place all together is awesome. It seems like we’re spending even more time in the car lately as we try to get travel in before our lives get busier with high school. Here are some of the favorite ways we connect with our kids in the car:

Talk about life:

If they’re in the mood we leave the music low and talk about ALL sorts of things. Politics, religion, friends, society, diseases, pop culture, movies, video games, where babies come from, my past… car time is where our deepest (and silliest) conversations happen. Because it’s a safe place where no one else is around, I feel like a long car ride is the best time to have awesome conversations with my kids.

Play DJ:

We take turns playing DJ and picking songs to play. My husband and I love to share new (to them) songs to the boys and play some favorites from when we were their age. I often look up “top songs on this day in 19something” on Google and then find those songs to play for the boys. The All-New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has an available 20-speaker Harman Kardon® Premium Surround Sound System which is perfect for all the songs we want to share with the boys! We also love lip syncing, or in my case just belting out our favorites.

Listen to audiobooks:

One thing we love to do is listening to podcasts or audiobooks together. A great way to find books to listen to is to see what books are being made into movies in the next couple of years – that way you listen to all the books before the movies come out.

Watch old movies:

We have so many movies from our childhood that we like to share with the boys, and a long road trip is a perfect time to watch them! The Chrysler Pacifica offers the best family entertainment system in its class (Disclaimer: Based on available features and the latest available competitive information and the FCA US LLC Premium Minivan segment) which features dual 10.1-inch high definition seat-back-mounted touchscreen with built-in games, apps, USB charging ports, HDMI inputs, a USB video port and Blu-ray/DVD player (yes please!)

Learn about my kids from their friends:

I LOVE driving the boys’ friends around. We hear lots of fun stories about the boys and learn even more about their lives from their friends. The All-New Chrysler Pacifica has an awesome Stow ‘n Go® Seating and Storage System. It allows you to stow both the second and third rows of seats (for more dog or bike room), but still has lots of cargo volume without having to remove seats. It also allows you the ability to carry up to eight passengers, which is 4 friends for us – so even more stories! The Chrysler Pacifica also has an available Stow ‘n Vac to have the kids easily clean up the mess they are SURE to make when having fun.


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